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In the presentation below, the company’s CEO, Ben Glinsky, explains the gains you can achieve by working with LiveGood in a professional way.

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10 Reasons Why LiveGood's Compensation Plan Stands Out

  1. Flexibility in Expansion: LiveGood’s compensation plan offers a flexible genealogy tree, allowing affiliates to grow without width limitations in the enroller tree, enabling them to recruit as many people as desired on their enroller levels.

  2. Fast Start Bonuses: Affiliates can receive fast start bonuses as they advance in ranks, providing an immediate income source as they build their networks.

  3. Equitable Spillover Distribution: By filling all left positions before right positions in each level of the matrix, LiveGood ensures equitable spillover distribution, maximizing benefits for all network members.

  4. Multi-Level Payouts: Affiliates can earn 2.5% of the monthly membership fees from their matrix down to 12 to 15 levels deep, depending on their rank, offering substantial earning potential.

  5. Generous Matching Bonuses: With the ability to match up to 50% of personally recruited affiliates’ matrix checks, members can significantly double their monthly earnings.

  6. Qualification for More Matches: Upon reaching ranks like silver and above, affiliates can qualify to match an even greater number of affiliates in their enroller tree, further increasing their matching bonus potential.

  7. Transparent Tree Structure: LiveGood’s compensation plan simplifies understanding of the tree structure and how earnings are calculated, providing a clear view of earning potential.

  8. Unlimited Earning Potential: With the ability to match multiple affiliates at different depth levels, there are no limits to the earning potential for LiveGood members, encouraging an entrepreneurial and ambitious mindset.

  9. Participation in Additional Bonuses: Affiliates have the opportunity to participate in additional bonus pools for diamond and crown diamond leaders, further increasing their monthly earnings with a share in the company’s total profits.

  10. Simple Building Strategy: LiveGood’s compensation plan emphasizes a simple building strategy focused on continuous addition of new affiliates to the network. This allows members to focus on the core activity of recruitment, ensuring steady and sustainable growth.

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