LiveGood has become a global phenomenon, amassing over 1 million active members across Malawi and around the world.

Watch the video to discover how you can earn up to $2,047, even without making any referrals.

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live good one million members

About Livegood:

Live Good is a company that was born in 2022 in the USA and quickly began a strong global expansion. The company has been growing very quickly in Malawi and operates in the health and well-being segment. LiveGood is able to offer high quality products with discounts of up to 80% compared to its main competitors.

In addition to the incredible savings you can get with LiveGood products, you’ll also have access to the best Compensation Plan on the market.

With LiveGood, you can earn commissions of up to $2047 per month even without making referrals. That’s right, even without making referrals you can still earn up to $2,047 per month.

As for those who recommend LiveGood to their friends and build a team, the earnings are considerably higher.

Our Team

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Our Products

LiveGood was born with the mission of bringing health to people’s lives and that is why it is bringing to the market products of the highest quality, natural and organic.

In addition, the prices of LiveGood products reach us with up to 80% discount compared to similar products on the market. This is undoubtedly the main reason for the company’s success.

What is most surprising is that although LiveGood products have prices much lower than those practiced on the market, the quality of their ingredients is unparalleled. They are unbeatable products in technology and really deliver incredible benefits to their consumers.

If you are looking to improve your health and live a healthier lifestyle, you should consider learning more about LiveGood Products.

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It’s time for you to understand how LiveGood really works and how you can secure your position in our global matrix today. It’s just 8 minutes that can completely transform your life.

Watch the video below to understand how our business works and your ways of earning.


6 ways to make money with LiveGood

Weekly Fast Start Commissions:

Whenever you refer a new member you will receive 50% commission. This means that for every referral you make, LiveGood will pay you $25 in commission.

This means that with just 2 nominees you’ve already recouped your initial investment, in addition to achieving the bronze qualification.

From the bronze level you will also earn indirect commissions. You can earn a percentage on up to 10 generations on your team’s new signups as shown in the image.

Weekly Fast Start Commissions LiveGood
Matrix Commissions LiveGood

Matrix Commissions:

By activating your Live Good account you will enter our 2×15 matrix. As more people join LiveGood, they will enter the matrix below the people already there. That’s why the faster you secure your position, the higher up in the matrix you will be.

You can receive commissions in the Matrix even without referring anyone to LiveGood. You just need to keep your account active and wait for your matrix to be filled. Without referring anyone you can receive up to 2,047 dollars per month as unranked.

By referring people and increasing your qualification you can receive even more commissions. As a bronze for example, you can already earn up to 4,095 dollars a month just with the matrix bonus.

Matrix Commissions LiveGood

Matching Bonus:

The Matching Bonus has the potential to be your biggest bonus at LiveGood. This bonus is simply amazing and very powerful.

In addition to the $2,047.50 to $16,383.50 you can earn with the Matrix, with the Matching Bonus you will earn 50% of the commissions in the matrix of all the members you register.

For example, you signed up 10 people and they are earning $1,000 a month in the matrix. This means that you will earn $500 for each of them with the Matching Bonus, that is, a total of $5,000 in Matching Bonus with just those 10 people.

From the Silver level onwards, you will start earning up to 5 generations of qualifiers. It’s incredible!

Matching Bonuses LiveGood

By clicking on the link below you will be able to see an image with the earnings of a LiveGood Diamond for the month of June 2023 and it shows the Matching Bonus ratio in comparison to the other bonuses, which really shows how wonderful the Matching Bonus is

Retail Commissions LiveGood

Retail Commissions:

LiveGood’s products have become a benchmark in the global market and people all over the world are experiencing their benefits. The vast majority opted to become a member for just $9.95 a month and buy the products at a discount, however, some people may choose to just shop at the retail price.

As an affiliate, whenever a customer buys through your link, you’ll earn 50% of the difference between the member price and the retail price. From the Bronze level you can receive a percentage in up to 10 levels, as shown in the image.

Retail Commissions LiveGood

Diamond Pool:

When you reach the Diamond level in our company, you will start receiving a monthly profit share from
Live Good
. The company separates 2% of total sales and will share it equally with all qualified Diamond members.

The Diamond Pool monthly average has been between $5,000 and $6,000 a month. This value changes monthly, but this has been the average for the last few months. Check the bonus amount in June 2023 by clicking on the link below.

logo livegood

LiveGood is without a doubt the breakthrough company of 2024 in Malawi and the best opportunity for those who want to change their lives. Don't waste any more time and register now. It's easy and fast!





Here are the most frequently asked questions from our members. If you have any questions that have not been answered on our website, please feel free to contact our team and we will provide you with all the support.

To register, just click on one of the buttons on our website and you will be directed to the official LiveGood website where you will register.

The cost to start with LiveGood is US$40 + US$9.95 monthly fee.

So in the first month the value will be 49.95 dollars and from the second month only $ 9.95 .


Even without referring anyone you can earn up to $2,047 per month. This is a slower way though, so you just sit back and wait.

If you refer people, in addition to filling your matrix faster, you will increase your earnings in the company.

There is no way to determine a deadline because it depends on the entries made by all members.

The greater the number of people indicating, the faster it will be filled.

But note that our site performs several registrations every day. Registrations in several countries around the world, so all these registrations are made below our team members. Joining a strong global team ensures faster completion of the matrix.

LiveGood Ships products worldwide.

Maximize Your Earnings at LiveGood: The Power of Team Building


Upon joining the LiveGood community, you encounter the unique opportunity to earn commissions through the 2×15 matrix, allowing you to receive up to $2,047 per month without the need to refer anyone. However, we will explore why it’s smarter not to rely solely on this matrix bonus but to actively engage in building a solid team for long-term benefits.

Section 1: Earnings without Referrals – An Option, Not the Only One:

LiveGood offers a unique advantage, enabling members to earn money without the pressure of referring new participants. This approach is particularly beneficial for beginners who are getting acquainted with the company and want to start reaping financial rewards from the get-go. However, it is crucial to understand that this approach may have limitations when it comes to maximizing long-term gains.

Section 2: The Power of Team Building:

By building an active team, you not only maximize your own earnings but also create a sustainable ecosystem. For instance, qualified members like bronze can earn up to $4,095 per month just with the matrix bonus. This underscores the importance of going beyond and building a robust network, where the success of one becomes the success of all.

Section 3: Strategies to Encourage New Member Registrations:

  • Effective Sharing: Encourage members to share their positive experiences with Live Goods on their social networks and within their social circles, highlighting tangible benefits.

  • Referral Programs: Introduce referral programs that offer attractive rewards for members who bring new participants to Live Good.

  • Events and Webinars: Organize informative events and webinars that showcase the unique benefits of joining LiveGood, encouraging participation and registration.

Section 4: Success Stories:

Sharing real-life stories of members who transformed their lives by building their teams can inspire others to follow suit. These tangible experiences show how teamwork can transform earning potential, demonstrating that success at LiveGood goes beyond the individual.


In conclusion, while it’s possible to earn money at LiveGood without referring anyone, the true key to financial success and long-term stability lies in building an active and engaged team. By working smart and strategically, you not only maximize your personal earnings but also contribute to the sustainable growth of your LiveGood network. Do not underestimate the power of team building – it’s the smart choice for those aspiring to lasting achievements. By embracing this collaborative mindset, you’ll be on the right path to achieving new heights of success in your LiveGood journey.

1 Million Members

The Extraordinary Journey of LiveGood: 1 Million Members in Just One Year

live good one million members

In the challenging realm of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), the company LiveGood has emerged as an exceptional phenomenon, achieving a remarkable milestone that few companies in history have accomplished. The feat of reaching 1 million members in just one year is an extraordinary achievement that deserves in-depth analysis.

The Complex Landscape of Multi-Level Marketing:

Multi-Level Marketing is known for its dynamic and often controversial nature. Companies in this sector operate within networks where members have the opportunity to earn commissions not only based on their personal sales but also on the sales of their teams. While this model, when executed efficiently, holds the potential for exponential growth, achieving the milestone of 1 million members in a year is a truly notable feat.


Live Good’s Extraordinary Success:

Live Good has not only stood out in the MLM landscape but has also redefined expectations by reaching the 1 million members mark in its first year of operation. This impressive achievement is not only a testament to the effectiveness of its compensation plan but also reflects the solid trust its members place in the company.

Determining Factors for Success:

  1. Innovative and Sustainable Product: The quality and relevance of the product or service play a crucial role in MLM success. LiveGood owes its rapid ascent in part to an innovative and sustainable product that has attracted a broad audience.

  2. Efficient Marketing Strategies: The effectiveness of LiveGood’s marketing strategies is evident. Whether through online campaigns, on-site events, or word-of-mouth marketing, the company has managed to create a significant presence in the market.

  3. Competent Leadership: The role of leadership in steering an MLM company is undeniable. LiveGood owes its success to competent leadership that has guided the company with vision, strategy, and a long-term success-oriented approach.

Comparison with Other MLM Companies:

Comparing LiveGood’s success with other MLM companies throughout history highlights the uniqueness of this achievement. Few companies have managed to reach the 1 million members mark so rapidly, and LiveGood now stands out as a model for other companies in the industry.

The Role of Innovation and Sustainability:

Beyond the mentioned factors, LiveGood has demonstrated a deep understanding of the role of innovation and sustainability in modern business. Its commitment to innovative and sustainable products has not only attracted customers but has also motivated its members to actively engage in promoting the brand.

Future Perspectives and Lessons Learned:

LiveGood’s achievement offers valuable lessons for other MLM companies and the business world at large. The ability to adapt strategies, build trust, and promote relevant products is crucial for long-term success.


The extraordinary success of LiveGood in reaching 1 million members in its first year is not just a noteworthy story in the world of MLM but also a rare event in business history. This milestone not only validates LiveGood’s approach but also inspires reflection on the potential of MLM when combined with innovation, solid business ethics, and efficient leadership. LiveGood is undoubtedly shaping the future of Multi-Level Marketing in exciting and unprecedented ways.

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