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website live good

The LiveGood Control Panel contains all the information you need to develop your business with complete confidence and peace of mind.

By logging into Livegood you will be able to access the discounted product store for members, check your membership, check your team’s growth and much more.

Login to livegood by clicking the button below:

Check out all the tools you will have available when you log in to LiveGood.


Once you log in to Livegood you will enter the Home section of your control panel. Some useful links will already be available there, such as the link to the product store, to view the team, contact manager and its main links for advertising.

My Membership:

In this section you will see the status of your membership. If you are already active in the month;

  • The date of the next renewal;
  • Upgrade to annual membership (20% discount);
  • Cancel your membership.


We have arrived at your LiveGood Products Virtual Store. Here you can buy incredible products up to 80% cheaper than similar products from the competition.


Never Run Out of LiveGood Products!

With LiveGood’s Autoship, you can select which products you would like to have automatically ordered and shipped to you each month.

You can cancel your Autoship anytime, and you are always welcome to place one-time orders anytime even if you have an Autoship set up.

My Info:

In this section you can enter and edit your personal information, password, payment information and also address for product delivery.

Order History:

Here you will be able to track all your orders made on LiveGood, from product purchases to payment for your membership.

My Team:

In this section you can follow your team’s family tree. You can view it in 3 ways:

  • View Enroller Tree
  • Matrix List View
  • Powerline View

My Referrals:

In this option you will be able to view your direct registrations, those members you referred to Livegood.

My Enroller:

Here you will be able to view the contacts of the member who referred you to Livegood, as well as the Platinum and Diamond upline leaders.

The company also offers email support, if you have any questions you can also contact LiveGood directly.


Here is a list of LiveGood’s top recruiters. The list contains the company’s 300 biggest recruiters worldwide.

Work hard to be part of this list, because then you will be on the right path.

My Websites

Here are their websites for promotion. LiveGood offers some websites for you to advertise and promote the company to your friends.

So access each of the links that the company has made available and see the best ones for you to share.

Webinar Schedule:

During the week LiveGood organizes some incredible online events and you will always learn something new.

In this section you will have access to the meeting links and also the days and time.


Did you know that at LiveGood you can access how many people click on the links on your website? That’s right, to do this just click on Statistics and you will have access to how many people clicked on your website, how many pre-registered and also how many activated.

My Earnings:

This is the payments section. Everything that involves your commissions you will find in this area.

You must enter the ways you want to receive your commissions and view all bonuses received by the company.


You can find the most frequently asked questions and answers asked by our members in this section.

If you have any other questions that are not available in this area, please contact our team and we will clarify everything for you.

Contact Us:

Support area, for those who want to contact Livegood.

Do you need more information?


Contact our team to answer all your questions!